Theatre of Life

When we talk about theatre, we refer to the place where people can go to see a show for entertainment, but it is much more than this. Theatres are places where stories are told to the public, where a script takes life through actors and their talents, where performers have the right to be someone else to realise their desires, where people can show their emotions without any fear. We’re talking about “Theatre of Life”, a magic place where everything is possibile.

The story of Arjun:
Arjun is a man with a big passion: acting. it was one of the last times he could appear in a theatre performance when he got the role of a guy who had to overcome a difficult childhood deprived of love. It was not that easy and he knew that but Saul, a friend of his and the director, told him that he would have been perfect, that every best character has his importance and, for this reason, they are the hardest to interpret. Before the show started he thought about his first script where he had to act like a gentle pastor who tried to overcome the death of his wife, then he took courage from his mates and then forgot who he is to impersonate his role to the fullest.

Young People in theatre

Obviously everyone can join the Theatre of Life, everyone is accepted, but are modern generations similar to the old ones? Of course not, young actors, nowadays, want to break away from the script in order to show their own art but they are not always allowed: the improvisation can make work for others more difficult, they don’t always manage to follow their colleagues and it could ruin the show. For this reason, before any attempt they have to exercise themselves to do better every single time, especially the youngest ones because of their inexperience.

The importance of the actor

Sometimes a theathral show can be full of different well described characters with specific details and not always there are enough actors that can impersonate them in an easy way. So is this a problem? Of course not, theatre has no limits. In fact, thanks to their abilities, the performers can interpret various roles without any gender, religious, sexual or ethnic barrier.
Do you know that Shakespeare inspired all of this? In the past years women did not have the right to be actresses so the famous “squicking boys” had to play their roles but the author always denounced this crazy system. In his historical tragedy, “Antonio and Cleopatra”, he writes about the death of the Egyptian queen who said that she was afraid to let men interpret her majesty as a woman. This ideology is also marked in the movie “Shakespeare in love” where the writer falls in love with Viola, a beautiful lady he met at the theatre while she was playing the role of a man! Isn’t this cute?

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