Russia – Ukraine war

The conflict Russia – Ukraine continues and the fear that chemical and nuclear weapons will be used grows.

Meanwhile, attempts to bring the conflict back to diplomacy and negotiation are continuing, so 2 days ago was the turn of the meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Serghei Lavrov and his Ukrainian counterpart Dmitry Kuleba on the sidelines of the Diplomacy Forum in Antalya , in Turkey: it was the first face to face between the two since the beginning of the conflict and was strongly desired by the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan who tried the role of mediator. But no- progress on Ukraine ceasefire was made.

Ukraine continues to burn and after the bombing of the children’s hospital in Mariupol, President Volodymyr Zelensky screams in his anger again: “It’s a war crime”, he says, “it’s the definitive proof that genocide is underway of the Ukrainians “he urges; then he turns once again to the Europeans and warns: “You cannot say that you have not seen what happened to the Ukrainians, what happened to the residents of Mariupol!”.

Russian planes raids on the North-East of Ukraine killed civilians. Zelensky hopes in the humanitarian corridors, he recalls that thousands of civilians are evacuating and hopes that the evacuation operations can continue with the opening of three other humanitarian corridors: from Mariupol, besieged for nine days, from Volnovakha in the southeast and from Izioum in the east.

Day after day, the list of companies that leave Russia in reaction to the military operation launched by Moscow in Ukraine is still growing: the Japanese Sony and Nintendo, but also the Carlsberg and Heineken beers, up to the Caterpillar diggers. Finally, at the United States Congress, the House of Representatives adopted a new budget that includes almost 14 billion dollars for the Ukrainian crisis.

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