The victory of man over Covid-19

What is a pandemic?

Biology books explain that a pandemic is a disease that spreads quickly around the world.

Over the centuries, we have seen that man became aware of it due to various viruses: the Spanish, polio … but he strongly managed to save himself. That of covid-19 was tough! 2 years have passed, and maybe today we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The coronavirus actually brought the entire planet to its knees. It was difficult to get out of it because unfortunately the pathogens of the virus were able to acclimatise to every different climate or setting in every part of the world, changing themselves. But despite the human being did not know the enemy, he managed to fight the battle with rules that have now become, daily gestures: masks, social distancing and over time, the studies have led to vaccinations that thanks to them have stopped the spread of the disease.

Today we have understood that life is the most precious thing there is and for this we must defend it. The lockdown was a period of reflection not only for us young people, but also for the various governments of the world, and this allowed us to have an eye on what seemed obvious to us, namely medicine and its research.

Thanks to them we have seen that sooner or later the sun always arrives in the life of man.

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Giuseppe Giannetto


4B Liceo Scientifico – Istituto Minutoli Messina -Sez. Quasimodo

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