Siso the Sperm Whale was a young, ten metre long, male that in the summer of 2017 was caught by his flukes in an illegal fishing net off the Aeolian Islands.

Despite the intense efforts of the Coast Guards, who managed to partially rescue him from the fishing net, unfortunately Siso didn’t make it after a long and painful agony.

His body was carried by the currents off to the shores of Capo Milazzo, where a young Biologist, Carmelo Isgrò stripped about 10 tons of meat, from the putrid water in which the Sperm whale was half-submerged, with the purpose of recovering the bones. 

From such this terrible event, the idea to rebuild the skeleton of the Sperm whale and display it by suspending it in the air with cables came up. The project is to re-place the illegal fishing net that killed it, and the plastic found in its stomach. The aim is to raise awareness of people so that the tragedy of Siso can lead to a moment of reflection and growth for everyone, both adults and children.

During this operation, it was found out that there was a great deal of plastic in its stomach.

The day after the recovery, one of the friends who had helped the biologist in the operations Francesco was tragically in an accident on his motorbike.

Thanks to the biologist Carmelo Isgrò who brought this project to the schools of Milazzo, we guys have understood the importance of recycling. We wew able to empathize, raising our awareness, being conscious of the fact we have to respect nature.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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