Since ancient times, women were seen as a weak and useless object, even if they played a fundamental role within the home. The main activities of the women inside the house were weaving, organizing slave labor and raising children. They rarely went out, only for parties. In recent decades, the condition of women in the world has taken giant steps towards greater awareness of women’s rights. They have fought hard for centuries to obtain rights equal to those of men, millions of them have lost their lives to give us,  these rights. We go back to the origin of Women’s Day, when on March 8, hundreds of workers in a New York textile industry died burned alive because they tried to improve working conditions through protests in order get the awards and above all the respect we can enjoy today

The modern woman no longer fears male judgment, nor  allows herself to be influenced by man’s judgment taking full responsibility for what she has chosen to do. Unfortunately, however, not all women in the world have yet achieved this independence, as for example in third world countries where the lack of adequate education is the cause of premature marriages to which girls are forced, where the lack of power even in decisions or family choices, leads the woman to be belittled and forced to obey. Currently, in our culture, women are autonomous from an economic and work point of view;  it is more and more common to find them in any sector included the armed forces.

Thanks to the determination and strength of the women who protested in the past, we now enjoy the same benefits as men and hold positions of great responsibility and prestige in society.

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