The sea is one of the reasons that every year pushes many tourists to visit the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, our Sicily, and its seaside resorts. The sea, a mixture of joy and hope, the first fundamental link with man. The sea you never know what it can give you, it is in constant motion, it makes you wander with your thoughts, it makes you feel light, it gives you a whirlwind of emotions that upsets your soul, but at times it also transmits anxieties, fears and terror! A precious asset is the sea, who doesn’t love looking at it? Especially in the evening, at sunset, when the sun slowly rests on the water until it disappears into thin air, offering you a sense of calm, peace and freedom, which you can find only in moments like this. At dawn, another show awaits you, when looking at the horizon you realize its immensity and therefore there is nothing more beautiful than looking out of a window and watching, looking and never stop doing it, while a light breeze caresses you the face. Even when he is agitated you feel the need to observe him, perhaps it is precisely at that moment, when the waves break on the rocks that you almost hate his voice and a violent whirlwind of feelings is unleashed in you that does not give you peace. We could say that the sea is a bit like the man who is sometimes nervous, tormented, other times calm and serene who has to fight every day against the adversities of life, standing up, gritting his teeth in order to overcome them.

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Gabriele Cammalleri




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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