The return to normal

After two years of pandemic, on March 31, 2022, the state of emergency ended. Now the green pass is no longer mandatory to show in some indoor places and even if you have to travel, a mask is not necessary in outdoor places.

I hope they will soon remove the compulsory mask also at school.

With the end of the emergency we have returned to normal life and we have returned to doing many things that we have not been able to do for almost two years.

For example, I went back to football, I started meeting with friends and going to birthday parties again, now there is less fear of taking covid as many are vaccinated.

School trips have returned to school and we can also have a snack in the courtyard.

By now, even if there should be some positive, the DID will not be done either.

I am very happy that the state of emergency is over because these last two years have been very sad.

It is important for us kids to go to school, to be able to meet our peers and to be able to have fun in a carefree way.

Now we can feel a little more relaxed and we can hug our grandparents and spend days with them.

This year, after two years, we were able to celebrate Easter all together.

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Francesco Zappalà


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