Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system and it is the last terrestrial-type planet after Mercury, Venus and the Earth.

It is called “the red planet” due to its characteristic colour caused by a large amount of ironoxide that covers it. Its temperatures range from -14°C to -120°C, it is very rarefied, but despite this, Mars is the planet most similar to Earth-like planet among those in the solar system.

On August 16th ,1996, Science magazine announced the discovery of hard evidence suggesting the existence of life in the meteorite ALH 84001.

On December 17th ,2014, the Martian rover Curiosity confirmed the presence of methane in the atmosphere of Mars and detected traces of organic molecules.

Nasa also developed ”Mars 2020” , a space mission primarily focused on sending the PERSEVERANCE ROVER to Mars. The Rover landed on February 18th ,2021.

The whole world watched the landing of it with the desire to go there one day. Dream and science are the future?



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