When talking about friendship, usually you refer to a kind of good relation between two people that feel close to each other and share many types of emotions and experiences. However, it isn’t so simple to define. During childhood, usually you learn that you can count on the support of your family, but, after few years, you begin to meet new people and to make friends: without that, surely life would be almost a lonely path to death. Nevertheless, sometimes we think that the main purpose in our existences is having money as much as possible, convinced that there is nothing more important: luckily, we often understand we are wrong before it’s too late. In fact, richness wouldn’t make you feel happy, even if you could think that being able to buy anything you want would be great. Indeed, in history there are many examples of people that had all that they wants, but evenly ended their life in mournfulness. So, this leads to ask an important question: what is the real richness, money or something else? Maybe “amity” might be the right answer.

A friend is someone who fulfills your life with love, understanding your feelings without judging you and saying always what he thinks. Sometimes happens that two friends fall out, maybe because their bond wasn’t strong enough to go beyond some misunderstandings. That is the reason why sincerity should be one of the ground rules in every type of ship. Probably, the qualities that count in everyday life could be included in the word “respect”: doubtless, without it nothing can be good.

Nowadays, we are used to desire always different kinds of things and, after having bought them, we start to looking for others, suffering a lot when we can’t afford the object of our dreams. This vicious circle makes us unhappy, looking away from the fact that probably we already have all that we really need and thinking that only who has a lot of money is able to be extremely satisfied. That’s a very bad way of living and many people understand it only in painful moments, when everything material turns out to be meaningless and that richness is not something touchable.

In conclusion, life isn’t simple, but would be definitely very sad without friends: there is a dictum which tells “whoever finds a friend finds a treasure” and it is one of the certitudes in everyone’s life, without a doubt!

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Petralia Federica


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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