The power of music

For young people music is very important and thanks to technology and small devices like ipod, we can listen to music everywhere: at home, on the bus or while walking, but in this case we have to pay attention because wearing headphones when you are on the street can be very dangerous.

Music has always involved people. It stimulates the mind, gives emotions, provides an escape from everyday life, raises your mood, reduces stress and helps you relax.

Music makes us day-dream or remember some special moments of our life, sad or happy.

It often happens to me to back myself in my bedroom and, in the moment of melancholy, I listen to old songs that bring back some special memories and people who are really important to me or I think about the lightheartedness of my childhood. I often imagine to be someone or something else.

Music creates wonderful images in my mind, helps me find answers to my questions and guides my thoughts in new directions.

I love listening to music. It makes me feel happy, keeps me company and improves my mood if I am nervous. So when I have a stressful day, I turn on the radio, I soon calm down and I feel better.

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Elisa Talpau


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