The online newspapers of the Ionian coast

I live in Furci Siculo, a small town in the province of Messina, overlooking the Ionian Sea.
I like to keep up to date on the events that happen around me, so I read the online newspapers in my area.
The most important are: “Gazzetta Jonica”, “Tempostretto”, “Messina Oggi”.
The “Gazzetta Jonica” is an information periodical born in 1983. For over thirty years it has been informing its readers about facts and events in Messina and its province. Since 2007 it is online.
“Tempostretto” is an online newspaper that contains in-depth news in real time about news, politics, sports, weather, events and shows, culture and cuisine of the metropolitan cities of Messina and Reggio Calabria.
“Messina Oggi” is an online newspaper of the cities of Messina.
Each of these online newspapers provides news in real time about what is happening in my town or in neighboring areas.
The topics that are covered are different: chronicle, current affairs, economic news, politics, sports, events and culture.
I prefer to read current affairs articles to know all the latest news and culture articles and to be informed about the most important events in my area such as the dates of concerts and shows I like, festivals and village fairs.
Technology has revolutionized our lives and the way we are informed.
The Internet has changed the way people communicate.
Reading newspapers bores me, but reading the news online fascinates me.
It is faster, more immediate and intuitive, and I can read any kind of newspaper at any time of the day without having to go out and buy it.
I think the impact of new technologies on information is positive, but we must always be careful and avoid the internet becoming an addiction.

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Elena Attennante


II B – Furci Siculo


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