On 20 January 2021, Joe Biden was proclaimed the 46th President of the United States of America, after Donald Trump, marking the triumph of the Democratic Party. At the age of 78 years, he’s the oldest President of the USA elected until our days, in addition to being the second Catholic President of the history, after John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Biden has begun his success since he became Federal Senator of Delaware at only 29 years and, for two terms, he was Barack Obama’s Vice President, who gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the end. Joe Biden’s Vice is Kamala Harris, the first woman and Indo-American figure to play such an important role. Her first public speech, after election, was so impressive and touching.! Her motto is : “Dream with ambition, lead with conviction.”

Biden progressive agenda is about expenditure on infrastructure, environment (especially to reduce CO2 emissions), education and public health. Another detail not to be underestimated is his fight for social inequalities.

Regarding the Covid-19 health emergency, unlike Trump, who wanted to give autonomy to the States about the use of the mask and the diagnostic tests, Biden had already declared the obligation to wear a mask and the increase of swabs number for citizens, as well as restoring Obamacare (2010) which Trump tried to replace.

About the role of State Secretary for Public Health, Biden appointed Dr. Rachel Levine few days ago, the first transgender woman of the US government! It shows how the new President supports the LGBT community.

Thanks to Joe Biden, the United States of America will come back to be an example for democracies in other countries.

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