A dream that becomes reality, a reality that is transformed into a cinematographic representation. Winner of the New York Film Festival 2021 as Best Narration, at Kansas Film Fest as Best Editor and in India Film Independent Fest as Best Foreign Film!

Rosario Scandura, an Acese filmmaker, thanks to his tenacity and the strength of his dreams, has masterfully carried out a project he had been cultivating since he was a boy. Lo Scoglio del Leone is his first cinematographic work, born from a personal experience linked to his childhood that involves his much loved Sicily. It is Sicily, with its nuances, with its very present dialect, with stereotyped characters and with some of the evils that afflict this land, to be the protagonist of the film. But the natural beauty of this island and a modern love story with a happy ending are also in the foreground. Worthy of note are the music by Fabio Abate and the interpretation of the young emerging actors (Marco Iermanò, Rosanna Sapia) as well as the amazing one by the little Federico Guglielmino.
The film was made thanks to Scandura production and a collaboration with professionals from the capital in 2019 but arrived in cinemas in January 2020 following the echo of the Rome Film Festival where it won the Hot Corn Green award for “The high moral content transmitted”. After having obtained the favor of the public of the first evening and the one to follow, Lo scoglio del leone will be released by popular demand also in the cinemas of Catania, Fiumefreddo and again in Acireale in the coming days. It was in Catania at the Alfieri Cinema on 18, 19 and 20 February, at the King cinema on 24 February while at the Macherione multiplex cinema in Fiumefreddo on 10 March and at the Margherita multiplex in Acireale on 24 March.

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