The key word is safety!

On April 1 in Italy the end of the covid state of emergency was announced after two long years of quarantines, masks and vaccines, but has this pandemic really ended to the point of lifting the quarantine? The answer is no, in fact in the last days since the end of this event the infections have increased again and no one notices because they are all too focused on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, I am not saying that everyone should care but to have at least a little respect for themselves. But the end of this state gave us the freedom we needed after a long time. Since the removal of the state of emergency, the color division of the regions has been removed, ie “White, yellow, orange, red” and this has mainly helped people who have to travel a lot from one place to another for work; another important change is the removal of the obligation to wear masks outdoors which actually makes me almost strange to see someone without a mask, I speak for myself but I think I’m not the only one, I’m used to seeing people alone in the eyes, greet them with your elbow and avoid close contact.

The end of the state of emergency has brought bad things but also very good things, we can do nothing for or not to remove this but in any case we must remember that the key word for everything in life is Safety.

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Cristian Laudani


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