The Internet: pros and cons

Today the Internet is within everyone’s reach, but many people still do not know how to use it correctly, especially teenagers.

The Internet is very useful for holding a videoconference, for listening to music, for playing games or just
for having fun. Furthermore, the Internet helps us to socialize or integrate into the “world” and find out about things we don’t know.
Some people think that the ones who aren’t on social media or have a social profile but don’t use it frequently are “old”. For other people, however, the Internet can have a negative impact on everyday life because if it is used for too long and badly, then many more important things are neglected, such as sports, outdoor games, spending time with our family or, even, not doing homework for the next day. They also think that socializing with people on the Internet doesn’t have the same impact as meeting them in person without a screen in between. Making friends is more difficult when you can’t see someone in real life.

I have talked about the pros and cons of using the Internet. In my opinion, however, the Internet is fine if used for a few hours and not all day. There are many interesting things we can do during our free time. If it is used all day, it no longer becomes a means to open up our mind and broaden our horizons; rather, it might prevent us from living our everyday life with our family and friends and enjoying every moment of it in a more genuine way.

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Alberto Alessandro Buscema