Volunteering is a help activity that anyone can do alone or in associations. It consists in making one’s skills available to those who need them. It is based on the principle of solidarity and is aimed at all those who need help such as homeless people, migrants, abandoned children, animals… There are several areas in which a volunteer can work.

Volunteering in our society is very important: the reality that surrounds us is every day more difficult to face. There are work problems, people fleeing wars, children abandoned by their parents. Thousands of people in Italy are in need of help and it is important that we young people above all are made aware of these problems.

It does not matter to know why a person is in difficulty: it can happen to everyone to make a wrong decision that worsens our living conditions.

Helping those who are different, giving a hot meal or old clothes are small activities that can give relief to those who receive them.

Volunteering means opening our hearts to everyone.

You can join the Red Cross, distribute hot meals to Caritas, help associations operating in the area or even help the municipal kennel.

We young people should have the opportunity to try any voluntary activity close to our interests. Taking this path means finding yourself in front of different situations that affect our heart and our sensitivity and which must be done with passion.

The society in which we live is full of risks and difficulties and helping each other is the basis for being able to live peacefully.

I believe that the theme of volunteering is to be brought into schools where teachers should open the minds of young people, stimulate them to dialogue, reflect and above all help them develop empathy towards those less fortunate.

I think that trying the experience of volunteering for us young people at least once in a lifetime is important for our growth.

And as Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say: “Anyone who has lit even a torch in someone’s dark hour on the journey of life has not lived in vain”.

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