The importance of school

School is the place that most young people attend every day: an institution that prepares kids and teenagers for life and educates and guides them towards a discipline or art profession. School, however, in addition to instruction, plays an educational role. Many people believe that the verbs “instruct” and “educate” are synonymous, but this isn’t the case: “instructing” means providing learners with an organic complex of notions relating to a discipline or technique, while “educating” means guiding young people to reach an adequate level of maturity on an intellectual and moral level. The Italian school system is divided into four cycles: kindergarten, a three-year cycle from three to six years, Primary school for five years, Secondary school of first grade for three years and Secondary school of second grade for five years (They include high school courses, technical and professional institutes for students and female students. I am in the second class of secondary school of first grade. I like learning all subjects , but I love Art because drawing and painting are my passions. Through drawing I organize my ideas better and improve what is around me, but above all I can express my emotions. I have a good relationship with my classmates, we help each other and there is always a kind and helpful cooperation among us. I believe that studying is not just a problem of notions to learn. Everything we learn at school allows us to be able to choose the future we would like to live ; it is the best way to make our dreams come true. Everyone should understand how important it is to go to school.

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Leonardo Fati


II A – Furci Siculo


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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