The family is the foundation of our society, where we meet at birth, grow up and feel protected and fulfilled. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; in the past, the traditional family consisted of both parents, a working father, a mostly housewife mother, two or more children and others, such as grandparents who often lived in the same house. Today, families consist of working parents, a few or no children.  Women no longer play a marginal role; on the contrary, it is possible to see them included in almost all sectors. One thing has not changed: the impact of the family on the individual is fundamental because the value system that develops within it and the interaction that is established between the individuals who make it up will condition their entire existence.  It is in fact thanks to the affections, the education received and the place one occupies in the family that one determines one’s personality and the awareness of one’s being.

The family is therefore the place where you should feel at ease, the safe haven where you can always take refuge, the group of people you can count on no matter what happens.You just have to accept the variations in the family unit: separated parents, extended families with children from previous marriages and then the same-sex couple.  Different combinations, different formulas united by the same feeling, which is love, the desire to realise a life project together.Marriage has also undergone changes; it is no longer a necessary step, but a free choice without conditions, at least in most cases.

The relationship between children and parents has also changed. In fact, we young people today are given much more freedom than in the past, as well as our participation in some important decisions. I often think about how difficult the role of parents is and how necessary it is to find the right balance between being overprotective or, on the contrary, being uncaring and making up for the shortcomings of their children with material goods that have nothing to do with affection.

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