Does man’s behavior make problems to wildlife? This question is not as simple as it may seem.

On our planet there are some people that treat and love animals much more than how they do towards other people but at the same time there are people that kill every living thing without any problem!

In the same way, animals kept in zoos could be treated very well or quite bad, depending on every single zoo’s management. Actually, in some of them some creatures are handled very well, they eat good food and have enough space in which they can spend their life.

Moreover, some zoos keep also endangered species due to global warming and man’s activity, processes that are leading biodiversity to destruction. It’s good for them to live in these places, but, if they need to be kept inside a fence to existing, it means that the human being is doing something very bad to Nature.

How could man do something better for this?

Probably these kinds of problems have deep roots and they reflect a huge lack of respect for everything that grows inside everyone. There is too much hatred in this world and that’s the real problem. Zoos’ issue is only a pale reflection of something bigger.

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Lisi Martina


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