If you love aquariums we suggest you to see the Genoa Aquarium : it was one of the largest aquariums in Europe and the second in the world at the time of its inauguration, in 1992, on the occasion of the Colombiadi, the Expo celebrating the five hundredth anniversary of the European discovery of America.

Where is The Genoa Aquarium located?

It is located in Ponte Spinola, in the sixteenth-century ancient port of Genoa.
The design of the structure and the surrounding area is by the architect Renzo Piano, the interior was designed by the architect Peter Chermayeff. It was subsequently expanded several times.
How many tanks are there and which species can you find there?

Four large tanks allow you to observe the animals from two different levels; they host respectively the manatees, sharks of different species, seals, penguins. Thanks to the new Cetacean Pavilion, dolphins can be admired both from above, thanks to a large glass wall with an opening window, and from an underwater perspective thanks to the 15-meter-long glass tunnel.
Are there any special attractions for children?

Yes, there are: the special “Aquarium Adventure” and “Secret Aquarium” routes are particularly suitable for children: they allow them to discover what is hidden behind the tanks and see the secret areas of the Aquarium.
What is the  “Night with the Sharks”?

It offers a maximum of 35 children per night (aged between 7 and 18) to sleep in front of the shark tank, passing a whole night inside the aquarium, to find out all about the nocturnal behavior of sharks.

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