The Ferragnez

“The Ferragnez” is an Italian television program of 2021 that shows the daily life of the couple Chiara Ferragni and Fedez and their family: their son Leone, their daughter Vittoria and the little dog Matilda.
Chiara Ferragni (born in Cremona on 7 May 1987) is an Italian entrepreneur, blogger and designer.
She has two younger sisters, Francesca and Valentina, she attended the classical high school in Cremona and studied at the Faculty of Law of the Bocconi University in Milan, without however finishing her studies.
In October 2016 she revealed the relationship with the Italian rapper Fedez.
The couple got married on 1 September 2018 in Noto, Sicily, with a private ceremony reserved for friends and relatives.
Her career is full of important events: in 2010 she creates a line of shoes, in August2014 she is a judge in the thirteenth edition of Project Runway, she is the first fashion blogger to appear on a Vogue cover, in 2016 she becomes a Pantene global ambassador and poses for the US edition of Vanity Fair.
In August 2016, Mattel creates a Barbie version of Chiara Ferragni.
In 2017 she is named by Forbes magazine “the most important fashion influencer in the world” and she is chosen by Swarovski as testimonial.
On 6 December 2017 she is awarded in Rome as Top Digital Leader and in the Italian Web Star category for women, as part of the first research on digital leadership in Italy.
In 2018 she is testimonial of the Pomellato jewelry and the Intimissimi underwear.
In 2020 she participates in the single “Not enough for me” by rapper Baby K.

On 9 April 2021 Diego Della Valle announces the entry of Ferragni into the Tod’s
Board of Directors and in the summer of the same year she launches his own line of jewelry.
Chiara Ferragni has been able to use her image as a new way of communication, she is an innovative entrepreneur who has adopted a commercial strategy based on her physical appearance. She is every day on social media, keeping the number of followers high.
The Ferragnez are known also for their generosity.
Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the health emergency in Italy, in March 2020, Fedez and his wife Chiara Ferragni launched a fundraiser for the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan in order to increase the number of ICU beds and support numerous voluntary associations and organizations to face the emergency.
After making a donation of € 100,000, the collection reached almost € 17 million in two months, making it the largest crowdfunding in Europe and among the 10 largest campaigns in the world.
Lately the newspapers often talk about the crisis of the couple, but I hope that these gossip are unfounded, because I really like Ferragnez!

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