When we talk about fantastic 5 I think of the 5 robots of the manga that is: Mazinger Z, the great Mazinger, Jeeg Steel Robot, Daitarn 3, Ufo robot; obviously these are not only the robots of the manga, but I like these.

These mangas were written around the 70s80s and were very famous at that time, but even today there are people who like them.

Mazinger Z  

This manga was written by Go Nagai in 1972 was published, later in the same years it was broadcast by Fuji Television who adapted it into anime consisting of 92 episodes. That generated 2 other manga always of the mecha genre that is called: the Great Mazinchinga, Ufo Robot  Goldrake.

In 2001, Animage magazine named the eleventh best anime in the world.

It’s about a scientist Juzo Kabuto who builds a robot that is inherited from his nephew Ryo Kabuto who has the task of foiling the evil plans of Dr. Hell a German scientist who in 1962 with Kabuto had participated in an archaeological expedition to the island of Rhodes, finding mechanical monsters built by the Mycenaean.

The Great Mazinger 

This manga was also written by Go Nagai in 1974 also this anime series is of the mecha genre, it consists of 56 episodes. This story is about the continuum of Mazinger Z or the land is under threat of the mikenes that are the ancient people of the Mycenaean and then to counter these enemies Kenzo Kabuto father of Ryo Kabuto evolves the technology of Mazinger Z by building a new robot calling it: The Great Mazinger who is led by Tetsuya Tsurugi.

Jeeg Steel Robot 

The manga was written by Go Nagai in 1975, the series consists of 46 episodes.

The story is about the awakening of the ancient Yamatai people who would like to conquer the world but are stopped by Jeeg Robot who is led by Hiroshi Shiba.

Ufo Robot\Goldrake 

This anime is a bit different from the others because in the others the robot was driven by humans but in this the robot: Goldrake is led by an alien prince that is Duke Fleed who leaves his planet, Fleed, with this robot following an attack by King Vega who wants to subdue the various planets. This anime consists of 48 episodes, was written by Go Nagai in 1975.

Daitarn 3 

This anime was written by Yoshiyuki Tomino, in 1978, who also created the manga of another Gundam robot. This anime series is about mechanoids, cyborgs who were created on Mars, who attack the earth, to counter their evil plans there is Haran Banjo who pilots the transformable robot Daitarn 3.

In my opinion, these manga anime are very beautiful and very interesting because you learn a lot about science, and they are also made very well for those years because they were drawn by hand. 

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