The evolution of the Italian press

Newspapers are considered the oldest mass madia in Italy.
Newspapers, for the average citizen in Italy, are a way of life.
Six out of ten adults regularly read a national morning newspaper, and a higher percentage read a regional or local newspaper regularly. So it’s no surprise that the newspaper industry is one of the most important industries in the country.
Newspapers tend to depend on advertising as their main source of income.
As a rule, Italian newspapers are not financially dependent on political parties, but tend to favor one party or the other, especially during elections.
Italian newspapers can be classified into the following categories: daily newspapers with the most recent and important news, weekly newspapers that are distributed once a week and usually contain investigative and in-depth journalism, and bi-weekly, monthly or semi-annual newspapers.
The most important newspapers in Italy are: “Il corriere della sera”, “La Repubblica”, “Il sole 24 ore” and “La Gazzetta dello sport”.
In addition to the traditional printed newspaper, in recent years the digital newspaper whose articles are read on electronic devices has become increasingly popular.

With digital printing, articles can be read on the web, tablets and smartphones.
Readership of print newspapers is decreasing and readership of online newspapers is increasing.
The content of the articles are the same, what changes is the writing, which must be concise, fast and clear.
Today, the circulation of paper newspapers is declining and we are witnessing the crisis of the printed paper.
The Internet and smartphones have changed people’s daily lives.
However, many are of the opinion that the web is not the enemy of traditional newspapers and, if used in the right way, can become an effective tool for dissemination and growth.

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