The end of the state of emergency in Italy

On March 31, after two years and two months, the covid state of emergency in Italy ends. This is a symbolic date, but one that all the most prudent experts and politicians struggle to indicate as the day of the return to normality.
From March 31, many rules will change, some are linked to the end of the state of emergency, which has made possible a series of measures over the past two years (such as the color plant of the Regions, which has allowed not to take unique measures for the whole of Italy).
Firstly, General Figliuolo, who managed the vaccination campaign, gives way to Major General Tommaso Petroni, who will take care of the vaccination campaign and the new measures to combat the pandemic.
Also, we also say goodbye to the technical-scientific Committee, born in February 2020 and protagonist especially during the first dramatic year of the pandemic.
So, from the first of April some news are in force: only those who have contracted the virus must remain isolated at home, while the rest of the family, if negative, can go out equipped with an Ffp2 mask; in schools in the presence of at least four positive cases the teaching activity continues, equipped with an Ffp2 mask for ten days; the student who contracts covid and remains at home can follow the lessons through integrated digital teaching; the vaccination obligation remains in force for health personnel; it remains the obligation to wear surgical masks in closed places
(shopping center, cinema, theater, school etc.).

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