The end of an Era…

On March 31, 2022, the state of emergency in Italy ends, although some restrictions will remain, especially in indoor places, Italians will try to return to normal.

Finally, it will be possible to go back to school for school trips and group work; moreover, it is no longer necessary to use the masks outdoors but only indoors or on means of transport.

I would say it is a big step forward, thinking about these last two difficult years that the world has gone through.

We slowly try to have a social life, especially for us kids who have suffered the most from this problem.

However, we must not let our guard down because despite the end of the state of emergency the covid has not gone away completely, it is certainly less invasive and dangerous than in past years.

We hope that there is no longer a need to write articles on this problem and that covid does not return to being a global pandemic as it was before.

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Martina Lisi


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