The drought that is killing East Africa

Today climate change and global warming are very current topics. The causes and effects are unfortunately known by everyone, but there are areas in the world which suffer more than others. This is the case of East Africa, more specifically the Horn of Africa, which includes the states of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. They are states that live mostly of pastoralism, but at present these places lack pastures, but an even more serious loss is water. In a herd of 170 animals, only 30 still live and the remaining part is already dead. Basically, 70% of the cattle are dead. Giraffes, zebras, gazelles, cows and many other animals are daily found dead due to drought. In addition, those few animals still alive have nowhere to graze, there are no more suitable places. This situation does not only cause suffering to the animals of those states, but also to the population. Most of the people, as I had already said before, live with pastoralism so right now they are in a bad situation. The shepherds who live in these places no longer have the opportunity to help the animals. For this reason, most of them hope God can help them, they pray every day to be able to continue their normal life and not to see the animals suffer anymore. There is a very serious and strange situation in these places; the problem is that not only is the animals that are affected, but also all the wildlife, the population, the planet and the ecosystem.

The cause of the suffering experienced by all the ones who live in these places is also our fault. We all know that the cause of drought in Africa, but also in other parts of the world, is one of a thousand effects of climate change. We can all make a small contribution to ensuring that all ecosystems function as they should and that nowhere in the world must suffer so much.

Too many animals die and too many people remain indifferent to the suffering of the world. 

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Sofia Pennisi




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