The double side of the coin: war and solidarity

Gianni Rodari, great Italian writer, most famous for his works of children’s literature, in his nursery rhyme “The moon in Kyiv” reminds us why we must always oppose the war: he writes that the moon over Kyiv is always the same as we see it in the sky of Rome .

“Who knows if the moon

in Kyiv

is as amazing

as the one in Rome

who knows if it’s the same moon

or perhaps just a sibling … “.

We are all brothers and sisters in this world, even if we live in different places. Distances are canceled when we see the same sun rises and sets and admire the same moon at night.

This thought should be enough to say stop to war and yes to peace.

In war, children are the real victims, children who die, who lose their parents, who no longer have a home, no serenity or smiles.

Children are forced to live in a “suspended” world, waiting for a better future, or rather, waiting for normality.

But luckily, as every coin has its reverse, so also war has a positive side which is called solidarity.

Everyone is mobilizing to give concrete support to Ukraine, a country torn by war, by the armed invasion wanted by Putin that began on February 24, 2022.

Non-profit associations, local, national and international organizations, schools and universities, churches and volunteers are working to help the Ukrainian people.

Children and refugees who are victims of war find refuge and welcome across the border.

Everything is needed: food, clothes, hygiene kits, diapers, medicines, sleeping bags, mattresses

and any other basic necessities.

War leaves dead, destruction, fear, anger and pain and it is precisely in this context that solidarity blossoms like a flower in the rubble, the desire to help others to make them feel less alone.

We must reflect together on the concept of war and the importance of solidarity.

Solidarity is not just a word, but a mentality, a way of living without prejudice and discrimination.

Each of us can be useful and every personal initiative is important.

My small town is also mobilizing to support the Ukrainian people.

A few days ago a bus left from Furci to Poland, on the border with Ukraine. It was loaded with medicines, food and clothes.

It will return with 70 refugees who will be welcomed by local families.

Two girls are already with a family in my town, Furci Siculo, and they will go to the primary school (third and fifth class) of “Rosario Livatino” Institute.

Italians have a big heart and every gesture of solidarity makes us understand that each of us can do something beautiful for those who suffer.

Let’s read these lines by Gianni Rodari. They are a true hymn to peace:

“There are things never to be done,

neither by day nor by night,

neither by sea nor by land:

for example, war ”.

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Elena Attennante


II B – Furci Siculo


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