Dante Alighieri (1265 Florence-1321 Ravenna) wrote in the 1300 the comedy: she is an allegorical poem that tells a voyage between three world of the afterlife. The poet takes three guides: Virgilio, he is writer of the “the Iliad” and “the Odyssey” ; he brings Dante in the hell and in the purgatory but he can’t go in the paradise because he wasn’t baptized. Beatrice, Dante was in love with it ,even though he was married,indeed he dedicates this poem to her but she died young. She takes him from purgatory to paradise. San Bernardo of Chiaravalle that asks only the Madonna to show him god in the paradise. In every world there are person different: the hell is divided in groups and there are damned that will stay there for life. the purgatory is divided in frames and there are damned that will stay there for a precise time. the paradise is divided in skies and there are person that enjoy staying there. At the name comedy came added the adjective Divine from Petrarca. Dante do this voyage fictional for take the blessing of god. This peom is divided in 33 songs , 3 for every worlds + a initial and all this 3 means the saint Trinity.



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