The web in which we surf every day represents only a small part of the real contents of the net.

Below it, there is a little explored part which is the so-called deep web.

The experts divide the web into 6 levels:

  • Common web
  • Surface web where the computers servers operate
  • Bergie web where you can find hidden google results and uncensored video and image sites.
  • Deep web where you can enter only using special software. It is a real parallel digital world with a myriad  of sites, includine social networks, online newspapers, blogs, chat and libraries.
  • Charter web where hackers, arms and drug traffickers, extremists and pornographers move.
  • Marianas web, where content is largely unknown

The submerged web is the set of information resources of the World Web not indexed by normal search engines.

To explain the data on the deep web, the experts use the metaphor of the iceberg:  the part above the water corresponds to all the web pages related to search engines: the so-called accessibile web.

According to a research conducted in 2000 by Bright Planet, an organization in the USA, on the  dimension of the network, the web is made up of over 18 million GB and 550 billion documents, while Google indexes only 2 billion, or less than one percent.

These data remain approximate as the director  of the CNR Institute of Informatics and Telematica in Pisa, Domenico Laforenza, admitted that there are no metrics and technologies to measure the actual extent of the submerged Web.

The submerged web is a danger for everyone, both adults and children.  Most of illegal traffic passes through there, so we can fight it with a conscious use of the web.

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