The current crisis in Russia and Ukraine

The current crisis in Russia and Ukraine began in December when Mosca mass troops on the border with Ukraine. 

According to the American, yes, if he tried over 100,000 men, including 83 battalions, each with 750 soldiers, plus all the air, medical and logistical support necessary for an army creation. In the neighborhood of Belarus, an authoritarian state closely linked to Mosca, 30,000 Russian soldiers, airmen, and Iskander missiles have arrived on their mobile platforms, capable of hitting Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. Russian warships were invited to the Black Sea (Mar Nero) Russian President Vladimir Putin has in no way hidden these movements, exhibited via propaganda videos.

Initially, to justify this movement of soldiers, there was talk of military exercises, but it was enough to look at a geographical map to understand how such a hig number of weapons and men on the border represented a serious threat to Ukraine that -indeed- was then asked on more fronts. As expected, the military attack began after mid – February when the Beijing Olympics ended (so as not to irritate China), but before the end of March. In fact, an invasion with tanks is only possible as long as the ground remains hard due to the thaw has begun, the tanks would remain stuck in the mud.

To better understand the crisis and possible future scenarios, we now take a step back. Uckraine, Russia, and Belarus are linked by strong cultural ties and many of their citizens are related to each other. Before separating into three distinct nations with the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the three Slavic sisters were united politically for centuries under the Tsarist empire and then into the Soviet Union. Putin often repeats that Russians and Ukrainians are the same people. But his him aim is first of all to keep Ukraine under Moscow’s control, while the majority of Ukrainians look to the Western European model instead. In early 2014, the Maidan Square uprising led to the ouster of Pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, removing the Kyiv government from Moscow’s direct influence. Putin reacted with the invasion and annexation of Crimea in February of the same year . My thoughts on all of this are as follows: I believe war is unfair, it makes no sense. Furthermore, Putin has announced war to acquire new territories of Ukraine, especially in this period with many negative situations such as that of the coronavirus.

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