The British press

Everyday a lot of newspapers are sold in Britain. The British press has always been divided into two categories: broadsheets and tabloids, but today broadsheets are narrower and shorter than those of the past so it is better to speak of “quality press” and “popular press”. The readers who are interested in quality papers prefer “The Times”, The Financial Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph or The Guardian; people who are interested in “tabloids” papers prefer The Daily Express, The Daily Mirror….. Quality papers are expensive and difficult to read; popular newspapers are smaller, they have large headlines and big and exclusive photos. They deal with gossip and are written in a more colloquial language.

Dailies are not published on Sunday so British press includes also the “popular Sunday” and the more sophisticated “quality Sunday” such as the Observer, The Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph.

A lot of weekly and monthly magazines are also published in Britain; they deal with all kinds of interests and hobbies: astrology, computers, science, fashion …. “Time out” is an example of popular weekly magazines. It covers TV and radio programs, current affaires, and it is a guide to theaters, cinemas, museum events, shopping. It includes accommodation offers and “Lonely hearths” messages.

Most towns in Britain have their own local newspapers full of stories about local people and events.

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