What’s the Blue whale challenge? We are talking about a dangerous game. Exactly the Blue Whale is a new social challenge that pushes children or young people, to face fifty extreme trials in fifty days, often up to the paint of suicide.

This game consists of preforming a series of gestures on the edge, such as walking on the edge of the tracks for example, but not only.Finally, the last and most dangerous test is to take your own life.

But who is involved in this game and who organizes the different moments? There is a so-called “curator”, who lures on the web, through social networks, psychologically vulnerable children or young people. The curator suggests what to do and as a supervisor controls that every proof is performed. But how can this person convince the victims to play this game?

Test after test the curator often forces the victims saying that he possesses private information that can harm their family.

The first to report the story was a Moscow newspaper. In an investigation, the newspaper links 80 of the 130 deaths in Russia between November 2015 and April 2016 to virtual communities on Facebook where children are allegedly instigated to take their own lives. To bring the phenomenon to the attention of the Italian public was the broadcast “Le Iene”. The service opens by linking to the Blue Whale, the death of a teenager who killed himself at the age of 15, jumping from a skyscraper.

According to the postal police, there is no connection as there is no evidence to establish whether behind these episodes there is a criminal mind that pushes young people to suicide. Only the analysis of the children’s computers can clarify these aspects.

Our society lives totally absorbed by the web: in this particular period, children and teenagers spend most of their time using a mobile phone or a pc.

We know that it’s not simple for the adults to stay aside their children and control what they’re watching. But, please, each getsure, each moment of the day or of the night, can evidence if something is going wrong in our lives, more in that of children or teenagers.

Put away your obligations sometimes and enjoy spending yor time with your kids.

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