The best match of this year

The formidable spectacle of the Champions League has found absolute sublimation in the challenge between the teams of Guardiola and Ancelotti. Nothing was missing, the viewer was sucked into another universe. Doing more will be very difficult, even if it replicates itself in a week.As stated in the article of the Republic “Manchester City-Real Madrid, the absolute beauty of a football never seen before”by Maurizio Crosetti, the absolute beauty, also the daughter of error and gambling, took shape in the most memorable match of the year: the only unforgivable defect of Manchester City-Real Madrid is that at a certain point it is over. Another sport, really. Something very similar to pure artistic dexterity, to illusionism. Instead it is all true. Nothing was missing, except, fortunately, that defensive attention that sometimes mummifies the score. The English and the Spaniards distributed with infinite generosity: technique, speed, pressing, competitive spirit, courage, boldness, beyond that feeling of the impossible that does not limit eventualities.

After 95 minutes of high-quality football, with seven goals and as many missed or nearly missed chances, Manchester City players left the pitch not knowing if they really needed to be happy. Guardiola – perhaps the most emotional of those on the pitch, unable to hide his emotions – hastened as always to greet Ancelotti and while the audience stood applauding for the emotions felt.

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