The Best Locations

Italy has a big advantage in the world of hotellerie: it covers an extensive territory.

From the Alps to the splendid Sicily, Italian resorts can satisfy all tourists.

Every tourist has his own tastes, there are those who prefer a trip in the snow, that can fully enjoy our snow-capped mountains, those who want to have fun by the sea and watch a big variety of beaches, those who prefer to be surrounded by nature and explore our national parks, characterized by great biodiversity, and those who simply want to see the beauties that cities can offer. Every city, from the biggest to the smallest, has a lot of stories that are just waiting to be told. Italy offers all these possibilities.

But tourists need a place to stay: hotels therefore play a key role in ensuring accessibility to these locations.

Just think of cities like Rome, a historic Italian city, which alone boasts more than 900 hotels, or Florence, but also maritime cities, such as Naples or Rimini, Sicily with all its splendor, Mount Etna, the sea, the temples of Syracuse, or even Trentino with its valleys. A whole book would not be enough to indicate the beauty of each small town.

But hotels are not just places to sleep, they can be the actual attractions for tourists. For example, there are places as Leolandia or Mirabilandia, that offer both hotels and attractions.

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Alberto Messina




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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