The American diet

Americans typically eat three times a day, but most of them have two or more snacks between meals. Americans generally begin the day with a healthy breakfast wich may be a bowl of cereal or toast, yogurt, a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. Lunch is usually a simple meal. it is eaten quickly because most people who work have only a short break. They may have soup and salad or a sandwich at a nearby restaurant or cafè or eat a snack lunch brought from home. Dinner, the main meal of the day, is eaten around 6-7 pm. It is a big meal with meat and vegetables, or pasta, and perhaps ice-cream for dessert. When the weather is nice Americans like to eat outdoors. Picnics on the beach or in a nearby park are popular.

Traditional American food originates from colonial cooking. Its recipes use the ingredients that 17th century colonists had available to them, for example maize, pumpkin, apple, pork and the native American turkey. Today, colonial food is still part of the American cuisine, particularly on special occasions like Thanksgiving day, when people traditionally eat roast turkey and pumpkin pie.

In the USA food is abundant and easy to prepare: meat, fish, poultry and diary products are the basic elements of the typical diet. The American diet is probably more varied than that of any other country. This is due to the fact the various immigrant groups who came to America brought their traditional native recipes and way of preparing food.

Supermarkets offer dozen of foreign products and often ethnic dishes ready to be warmed up are available.

Fast food like hamburgers, fries and hotdogs are a big part of the American cuisine. A great place to eat this kind of food a diner, a small restaurant which serves cheap food at all hours or you can get great hotdogs from a stand on any city street corner.

However, all this food has also created one of America’s major health problems: obesity and diabete. A large percentage of the population is overweight in the USA and junk food is one of the main causes.

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