The age of computers

The computer plays an important role in modern life. Computers allow easier and quicker operations chiefly in the fields of storage and retrieval of information.

Over the years, computers have experienced dramatic changes. They have become more compact, powerful and user-friendly. Computers have changed the way we work and study. A computer now also serves as a means of communication, for instance, via Internet, as a study aid and a tool which offers possibilities of entertainment.

Both primary and secondary schools now have their own computer laboratory, where all students learn to use computers right from the first year. School authorities are convinced that computers can and should be used as an integral part of the learning process, just like books.

A computer has four basic components: input, processor, memory and output. When talking about computers, both hardware and software need to be considered.

With the computer it is possible to surf the Internet. The Internet has open a new world in the field of communication. If you connect computers together you form a net. A web site is a place on the net which allows you exchange viewpoints on chat lines, do shopping and find and send documents, photos and films on a certain specific subject.

The Internet is made up of millions of computers connected by modems to the telephone line. If yoy have got a modem you can visit a lot of interesting sites from home and travel with your imagination.

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