Adolescence is a period of “transition” from childhood to adulthood during which you can experience great passions for both people and situations, but also disappointments as well as great loves.

Teenagers are engaged in building their personal identity and this leads to forms of rebellion against the rules and all forms of authority.

Every young person in this age group reflects on himself to understand what he is and wants to become. All this effort is aimed at arriving at one’s own thoughts and behaviors. One of the characteristics in adolescence is the need to integrate into different groups of friends. for children who live these experiences, the group of peers represents a refuge for them and a moment of happiness and lightheartedness. In this phase also the first loves are triggered which often trigger strong emotions and determine intense moods. Unfortunately, however, there are also cons.;  many young people, often transported by the people they hang out with are convinced to take drugs. In fact, they underestimate the problem thinking that, once, just to try, it cannot have serious consequences and they are wrong, because some end up taking a path from which it is difficult to go back. Another problem is often anorexia, a mental illness that begins with a diet to lose weight and then turns into an obsession with refused food. It can be caused by a difficult family situation or by abandonment.

In view of the above and the fragility of this delicate phase of growing up, relying on a balanced family, living in a peaceful family atmosphere with parents ready to encourage and advise is crucial.  Whatever the trauma and its origins, it can be overcome.

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