“I’m 39 years old, I have four children, I’ve won 20 Slam tournaments. It’s no longer time for me to be away from my family for more than five weeks,” Roger Federer confessed

So said the man who is considered  one of the best tennis players of all time as well one of the greatest sportsmen ever. 

He is the player who has been the world’s number 1 for the longest time.

With 20 triumphs, along with Rafael Nadal, he is the most successful player in the history of men’s tennis in Grand Slam tournaments.

In 2014, winning the decisive singles match against the French Richard Gasquet, he led the Swiss team to win their first Davis Cup.

In 2017, by beating Marin Čilić in the final, he became the only man to have won Wimbledon eight times, the oldest and most prestigious tournament in the world. From January 28, 2018 to January 27, 2019, he is the only player in history to simultaneously hold the record for trophies won in two different Grand Slams (8 titles at Wimbledon and 6 Australian Open).

He is the player who has won the ATP Finals (10) several times (6) and who has won the most titles both on hard (67) and on grass (19).

With a prize pool of around 130 million dollars, he is the second player in history in the ranking of career earnings.

I like him as a player, he is an undisputed talent, but I particularly admire him as a man. The statement he made shows how principled he is, how much he cares for his family, which he puts first. He hasn’t let success disrupt his private life, he has kept his feet on the ground.

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