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The style and way of dressing in each country is as different as the national culture or the way of eating.

In a blog about the style of British teenagers’s clothing it was written that every time they go out on the street there is a mini-show, and exactly the same happens in the United States. But this is even more true for fashionable girls who read glossy magazines, go to fashion weeks, have their own blogs, and most likely live in New York.

Most American girls, including those in big cities, dress as comfortably as possible. Moreover, this comfort is combined with a certain sloppiness. American girls are not at all shy about their figure and wear micro-shorts and tight skirts even if they are overweight or have some imperfections (most of the time this can be observed in hot cities like Miami or Los Angeles).

The attitude of American girls towards clothing contains a certain dissonance: they love shopping, but at the same time they will never spend money on an expensive dress. They are of the opinion that it is better to buy a shirt for $1 and not to deny themselves food and fun. Therefore, American girls usually go shopping only during the sale periods. So basically their wardrobe consists of basic clothes that are easily combined with each other. They love comfortable shoes and, in particular, sneakers. Most likely, the habit of wearing sports shoes with any outfit comes from the United States. The second favorite thing for Americans (as well as for all Italian guys I would add!!!) are jeans. In any color and style, suits or skirts, American girls are ready to wear them all the time: and not by chance, America is the cradle of jeans.

In general, the United States is a mixture of completely different clothing styles and crazy things, which comes from the mixture of people in this great country. In the same street, in fact, you can meet girls with multicolored furs and women with elegant dresses and teenagers with multi-layered semi-sporty bows and adult women with sneakers. The uniqueness of this country lies in its diversity.

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