Tattoos: more than a matter of style

Tattoos have existed since the Egyptians – most ancient civilizations of the world practised tattoos, but each and every one of them had different uses: the Greeks used them for communicating among spies, the Maya, Incas and Aztecs used to do tattooing rituals, while Japan used to mark criminals based on how serious their crime was.

But how were tattoos made before? There were different methods, for example: sometimes they would use a bone or a sharp stick, sometimes they would cut designs into the skin and then, to make it more visible, they would use ink or ashes. Later, around 1891 the first electric tattoo machine was invented by Samuel O’Reilly in New York. The needles did something like 50 to 3000 vibrations per minute.

In the past, in Italy tattoos were something that only criminals had. Why? Probably because it wasn’t safe back then, so only tough people would get them or maybe because putting ink on their body wasn’t something “normal” – religion was something really important and people didn’t want to “ruin” their skin, they wanted to be pure just like God had made them. Criminals did bad things and they didn’t believe in God, so maybe they would get them as an act of rebellion. 

Now times have changed and tattoos are something cool. Some people even tattoo every part of their body. Most teenagers from all over the world want one. Some teens get them as a sign of rebellion, others get them because they consider tattoos as a form of art, some of them get them as a way to express themselves or as a reassuring thing. However, everybody must be aware that tattoos are forever and very difficult to remove. If you want a tattoo don’t get it right away – think about it a few times,  especially if you want a big one because they are very expensive. Then, if you are still 100% sure, you should get it. If you want a tattoo but you don’t want it to be on your body forever, don’t worry: you can get a henna tattoo, which is like a tattoo but it only lasts for two months. 

I personally think that tattoos are really cool but I don’t like the big ones. So if I am going to get one, I will probably try the henna tattoo and then if I’m sure I want it to be on my body forever I will just get the real one!

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