Taormina (Tavurmina in Sicilian) is an Italian town of 10, 517 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Messina in Sicily. It is one of the most important international tourist centers in Sicily, known for its natural landscape, sea beauties and historical monuments and it was an important destination of the Grand Tour.
Taormina is on the top of Monte Tauro, a natural terrace overlooking the sea. Its wonderful location and its naturalistic beauties make a holiday in Taormina a dream for any tourist. Everyone wants to visit Taormina, and in fact the “Pearl of the Ionian” is certainly the most famous and important tourist center in the whole of Sicily.
One of the most evocative places in Taormina is the Greek Theater, which allows spectators of the events to admire in the background an extraordinary panorama that goes from the coasts of Calabria to the top of Etna.
Corso Umberto is the main street and the beating heart of the city. Along this street you can experience the true essence of Taormina. There are numerous shops that allow you to go shopping, bars where you can cool off with a good Sicilian granita or an ice cream, restaurants that allow you to taste typical Sicilian dishes and more. All surrounded by unique monuments and beauties such as the Cathedral of Taormina, Palazzo Corvaja or the Municipal Villa.
Taormina is certainly known for its monuments and its history, but it is also famous for its beaches. The sea of ​​Taormina is spectacular from a landscape point of view: the beaches are almost always found among the vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub, which makes them unique and special. The most popular beach for tourists is certainly that of Isola Bella, a small isle connected to the mainland by a strip of sand.
The town is suitable for tourists of all ages. The climate, the historic center full of monuments, the beaches and the possibility of making excursions from Taormina to other renowned Sicilian locations such as the Aeolian Islands, Agrigento or Syracuse, make it the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea, “the perfect destination for an unrivaled holiday in Sicily”.

What to see absolutely in Taormina:

  1. The Greek Theater of Taormina
  2. Villa Comunale of Taormina
  3. Palazzo Corvaja in Taormina
  4. Cathedral of Taormina
  5. Corso Umberto I in Taormina
  6. Palazzo di Santo Stefano in Taormina
  7. Isola Bella in Taormina
  8. Piazza IX Aprile in Taormina
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