Lisa: Hi , Sebastiano, I know you have done a research about Summer holidays in Great Britain… so, could  you tell me, please,  when British people  usually have their summer holidays?

Sebastiano: Hi, .. well, British people usually have their holidays in July and August. Many working people  take a two-week holiday during the summer. Schools are closed from the end of July to the first week of September.  A second holiday break is in Winter or in Spring, because people go skiing in winter and  visit some capital cities in spring.

Lisa: And what are the most popular  holiday locations for Brits ?

Sebastiano: we know that  every year, about 3 million people visit the seaside in Britain, with its more than 1000 islands and its costs are approximately 12,000 km long. Britain is quite small so you are never more than 2 hours by car from the sea.  There are lots of resorts around the cost with hotels, bed and breakfasts campings and holiday villages. Some people go to the seaside for their summer holidays and lots of people go for their week-end. They go by the sea, they go sunbathing, buy souvenirs and eat fish and chips. However,  sun and hot weather is not guaranteed in Britain of course!

Lisa: so….? where do they go?

Sebastiano: they fly to Spain, France , Greece and the USA; lots of people have package holidays including flights, hotels or apartment. They go for two weeks abroad.

Lisa: if you don’t go to the seaside, what are the best places to go on holiday in England?

Sebastiano:  they go to Alton Towers, in Strattfordshire, is one of the top theme park , and the Eden project in Cornwall.

Lisa: thank you Sebastiano for this report: where are you going on holidays this Summer?

Sebastiano : Well,  I have a big house with a garden by the sea in Mazara Del Vallo, I’m going there with my family in July. Would you like to come for a week-end?

Lisa: Great! Thank you! Bye !

Sebastiano: Bye !



Sebastiano Campo- Istituto comprensivo “O.G.De Cruyllas” Ramacca. Docente : Marilena Tamburino


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