Hello everyone, I’m Sofia and I’m 13 years old. Today I want to talk about what, in my opinion, is happening in the world.

We’ve just come out of this nasty coronavirus that has caused the deaths of many of our relatives. 

We spent two years searching for a vaccine to fight this virus, so for this reason we had to put on masks and we could no longer breathe clean air.

Now that this global pandemic has decreased, we thought that we can finally enjoy the peace we deserved.

By the end of February, we had all learned the news of the war between Russia and Ukraine. This war started because the head of the Russian Government, Putin, doesn’t want Ukraine to become part of NATO, an American Military Organization.

About this war, I think that all the wars that are taking place now and that have been in the past all over the world are also wrong because there are people who suffer a lot. 

Right now I’m thinking of all my age’s boys and children who left their country without parents, and then again of all those men and women who are now fighting for the first time a battle, or that are walking with the hope that it is just a bad dream of which they will soon wake up and come back their normal life.

I still think of all the historical monuments that the bombs have destroyed; but basically, the war is this: suffering, cries, shouts, and pain that no one will forget. 

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Sofia Platania


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