A fact which affects our society nowadays is the stereotype linked to prejudice. The stereotype is a negative or positive idea concerning nationality, sexual and religious orientation, ethnicity and age towards a group of people or a single individual. The immediate consequence is the prejudice, or a hasty judgment which is on a particular person without knowing him yet, but based only on what one thinks or deduces about that individual. A prejudice comes out when we expect certain behaviours from a person, but then, indeed, they do not occur, thus judging them negatively. Some examples of prejudices are social exclusion, homosexuality and xenophobia (similar to racism).It is believed people with physical disability are not very able, physically and psychologically fragile, for these reasons they are marginalized, easily insulted because they are weak and helpless, making them feel “different” from anyone else.  To this is connected the mental disability or people who are considered “crazy” who need treatment and who are judged by society as dangerous because irrational and instinctive.  A form of prejudice is drug addiction, which leads to a psychophysical harm to the individual because he is a drug user.  This character leads society to believe that the drug addict is a fragile and immature person and that, despite a drug rehabilitation, he is unable to overcome this problem.  I do hope that the new generations could send a positive message to their children, I hope that these judgments won’t be towards anyone , and I really hope that everyone will accept himself without changing anything of what he is and what he will want to be.

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Gloria Antonuzzo


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