Some more social ills

Along with unemployment, crime and juvenile violence, the society is afflicted by other social ills such as alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse.

Alcoholism is a big problem among young people and the damage caused by alcohol misure is enormous. It causes a large number of all road deaths and has serious affects in terms of illness, family-breakups, ineffiiency at work and crime. Young people start drinking at an early age. People of any age must know that alcohol depresses certain brain functions. It affects your ability for exemple to drive a car. Pregnant women run the risk of having unhealthy babies if they drink too much during pregnancy.

Smoking is not only a problem in the adult population. Unfortunately a large number of secondary school pupils, both boys and girls, smoke regularly. Tabacco has beeb shown to be responsible for heart attacks and some very serious illness like cancer.

Drug abuse is another serious health social problem today. The abuse of dangerous drugs such as heroin and cocaine has become a serious problem among young people.

The Government are always trying to solve these social ills, trought active politics and awareness campaigns and also support the work of voluntary organizations.

Finally, the teachings of the school and the values that are trasmitted in families are important too, so that young people can distinguish what is lawful to do from illegal.

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