Solidarity, an indispensable gesture

Being supportive means being selfless, willing to help others in times of difficulty without asking for anything in return.  Solidarity is the relationship of brotherhood and mutual support that connects people, aware that they belong to the same society and have common interests.  It concerns our daily life, because many times we happen to have a friend, a relative or any other person, who needs our support or our help.  But not only.  In fact, especially at school, with the passage of time we begin to know the different realities that surround us, the difficult situations in which many people live.  The school, however, also teaches us that all the cultural and religious diversities that surround us are a source of enrichment, if we learn to know them without prejudice and to appreciate them, precisely because they are different.

 This is also solidarity and in my opinion it should concern every person.  To be in solidarity one must not be selfish or indifferent, but also think of other people, less lucky than us. Even problems related to life in third world countries can be alleviated with a little help.

 There are many ways that can even save the lives of some people, such as long distance adoption, volunteering or  donations. For example a very small  amount of money is enough to guarantee food for an entire family and prevent the children who are part of it from going to work.  If we do this, however, we should not expect any rewards, but only the satisfaction of having helped a family to live better, since everyone has the right to live in dignity.  We are not denied any rights, but this does not mean that we can remain indifferent to what happens in the world because we too are part of it. 

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