Nowadays it has become important to be always connected and to have accounts on platforms: the so-called social networks. Among the best known are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Everyone now uses them for various reasons: work, online shopping, research and so on.

It is extraordinary how everything and everyone is at your fingertips in a matter of seconds. The positive aspects are therefore many, distance is cancelled and even a person who is far away can be experienced through messages or even more so through video calls; like all things, however, this also has its negative aspects.

Indeed, social networks have changed our habits and the way we relate to other people, especially strangers. We spend hours on these devices contacting people near and far, diverting our attention from our surroundings. Even in the street while walking, at the bus stop, in a waiting room or anywhere else, you are unlikely to look at people and even less likely to strike up a conversation. The much talked-about communication that is the basis of human relationships has suffered a major setback.

Writing a message for many people is simpler and quicker than a viva voce conversation. You can express what you want, in the way you want and not be interrupted. This means that more importance is attached to this kind of relationship, in other words to a virtual life rather than to a real one.

We are now witnessing a multiplicity of risky and sometimes lethal events produced by the use of social networks, which hide so many pitfalls and host so many unscrupulous people, ready to disrupt our lives.                                   The web is an inexhaustible source of useful news but at the same time of false information.

I am a teenager and as such I am very present on the web; at school, however, I am ‘forced’ to do without my mobile phone and on those occasions I Initially miss my mobile as something indispensable, but then I change my mind when I immerse myself in ‘real reality’, the spontaneous and immediate reality.

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