Social networks and young people

Young people have a very close relationship with social networks, having acquired them as a fact in their communicative and social interaction horizon especially during this pandemic period; young people have created a parallel reality through social media, really forgetting what is positive.

Instead of the human face-to-face interaction, during the Covid 19 emergency, adolescents have built their place of growth within social networks, and the question that arises spontaneously is how much space do social networks have in our lives?

Do social networks really form the character of a person?

The fragility of adolescents is a great resource for social media: at a time when the opinions and the character of young people are being formed, the risk of approval is very strong, when for an article, a comment, a photo deemed inappropriate targeted by the jabs of others. In very fragile characters this behavior can have serious consequences.

Despite this, social networks have allowed young people to get in touch with others to share emotions, moods, to build friendships, they have not allowed exclusion, indeed they have given a world that is always within reach.

Today’s generation, however, approaches this world by losing contact with reality, trying to imitate their reference influencers, suffering from inferiority complexes, seeing a world that is always beautiful as posted on social networks.

Despite the negative aspects of social media, we also find in them a key to positivity, they are our key to information on the facts that surround us and it is thanks to them and their powerful interpretation that we have been able to partially overcome this pandemic.

However, we are in a society where appearing counts more than being; we should accept that even technology has a limit; it is true it represents our future but how long can our hunger for knowledge and sharing be pushed?

Tomorrow our generation will still be able to socialize through a human relationship, will we still be able to be kidnapped by the words of a book, will we be able to admire the beauty of the world around us by living it and not by pretending it?

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Dario Rosario Policastro, Sebastian Currò


4B Liceo Scientifico – Istituto Minutoli Messina -Sez. Quasimodo


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