Smallpox of monkeys: virus isolated at Sacco in Milan

Sacco hospital in Milan in the laboratory of Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Bioemergency Diagnostics, the “monkeypoxvirus” that is causing the current monkeypox epidemic in Europe was isolated.

 The undersecretary of health Andrea Costa also told Rainews24:”On monkeypox we must clearly say that we are not facing an emergency. We are facing a situation that must be monitored and monitored: the disease is not comparable to Covid and does not affect the entire population because those who have been vaccinated against smallpox, about 40% of the population, already have protection of approximately 85%. So it is a different scenario that needs to be monitored. Our government is monitoring – explained Costa – also through a task force set up at the Higher Institute of Health and in collaboration with the Regions and the EU “. 

The World Health Organization reported, however, that the 200 cases of monkeypox detected in recent weeks, in countries where the virus does not circulate normally, could prove to be just the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, he declared that he already had more than 5 million doses of smallpox vaccine, deeming himself ready to intervene in case of need. 

Letizia Moratti, the Lombard vice president, on the other hand, stated that: it will be possible to test the activity of antiviral drugs and test the antibody response of patients who have contracted the infection and of the portion of the population vaccinated against the smallpox virus “.

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