The Sicilian sea is envied by the whole world!  Our beautiful sea can be easily connected to the sun and well-being, as the saying “u beddru suli”, commonly used in Sicily, says.  The sun is an essential element for people’s wellbeing because thanks to sunlight exposure, we can get vitamin D, which is fundamental for human survival.

 The sea can also be related to food, which is one of the strongest points of Sicilian tourism. For that reason, there is a great variety of holiday villages that are exclusively based on regional cuisine and strive to enhance it as much as possible. 

Moreover, there are lots of Sicilian sayings and legends based on sea.

One of the best known is that of “L’isola delle femmine”, which is located in Palermo. One of the legends about this small island said that thirteen Turkish women were brought to this place as a punishment after they had committed impure acts. They were brought back to Capaci (the small village on the dry land) seven years later.

Another interesting Sicilian story is that of the “Teste di moro”. The legend has it that during the Moors domination in Sicily, in the eleventh century, there was a beautiful girl, who  lived in Palermo and was used to take care of her flowers and plants on her balcony. She fell in love with an Arabian man, who was called “Moro” because of his dark skin, who had been struck by her beauty passing by her balcony. Later, she discovered that he was married and had children in his country so, she beheaded him in revenge. The young lady decided to use her lover’s head as a vase and put some basil on it. The plant was so beautiful, that the envious neighbours had made terracotta vases identical to that of the girl. This is the origin of the beautiful ceramic vases that you find everywhere in Sicily.

This is only a small part of what our beautiful region offers, if you want to discover more, come and visit it!

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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